Wednesday, June 29, 2011

For Leigh, With Love.

For our new friend and sister, Leigh. We miss you already! 
         We were so blessed to have this incredible roommate for our first two and a half weeks here in Barcelona. She arrived the same day as we did, and we pretty much bonded from that very first airport meeting.  Leigh has been to this city and has worked with this ministry two times before, and knows the ropes very well.  What a Godsend to be immediately connected with someone who already had so much knowledge of this place and how to serve Jesus here. 
Leigh, thank you so much for being so awesome all the time.  Thank you for all of your direction giving, grocery advice, English to Spanish translations, food sharing and all of the great memories made. 
Leigh's love for the people here is beautiful, and they ALL love her so much!
We will miss having dinners together at 11:00 pm every night... come back!!!
Some people just get "ok" roommates. We certainly did not.  Can't wait to be with you again in Barcelona soon!
Anna and Maddi 

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