Monday, June 13, 2011

Maddi and Anna in Spain!

Barcelona, Spain? What? Yep. Unexpected to say the least, but we are here!!! When thinking and planning and praying over our summer plans, we had no idea that this city would be an option for us much less where we would end up serving the Lord together.  It is still pretty unbelievable that we are sitting here…in Spain…not really knowing what’s going to happen this summer, this week, or tomorrow. But, despite the unconventional way in which we got here, we are here and we are ready for whatever Jesus may have for us here.

As many of you reading this probably know, our original plans were to serve Jesus in a Middle Eastern country. Our passion for the Muslim community and for Middle Eastern culture led us to seek an opportunity to minister in that culture together this summer. Everything seemed to fall into place for a Middle Eastern summer; we found an incredible ministry, servants with amazing hearts for the people they work and live among, and received full funding for our trip. Our hearts were so prepared and excited for what the Lord had for us in the Middle East. However, the beauty of serving our Lord is that he always works in His wisdom and through His plans rather than ours. As the political situation in the Middle East continued to escalate, those involved in evaluating our safety made the call to re-locate our summer ministry plans. Although we were devastated at losing an opportunity to minister to a people and in a ministry that had so thoroughly captured both of our hearts, we trusted that the Lord had a plan, and that He would use us wherever we might end up.

And so, here we are. In Barcelona, Spain. Serving alongside Egyptian missionaries who are ministering to their North African, Muslim brothers and sisters. We have been beyond blessed to discover a ministry that allows us to work among the people group and culture that we are both so passionate about, albeit in a location that was anything but expected. We are so excited to learn from these missionaries, to share their heart for these people, and to work alongside them in any capacity that we can. Just put us on a plane! We’ll fly anywhere.


  1. Look at you two with your glasses and high bun! You look like such bloggers! I'm so excited to follow your travels through this blog! Glad you are safely in Spain and loving it! Love and miss you both!

  2. I am so excited for you guys, and very much looking forward to keeping up with you through this blog! Love you both!!

  3. So happy for you two! I love you both and I will be keeping you in my prayers as well as checking on your blog daily. So proud of you two!