Friday, July 1, 2011

Barcelona, Day Twenty: The Heart of a Servant

       We have mentioned several times the humble, beautiful hearts of the missionaries we work with. Hearing their stories and the sacrifices they have made to live in this place and serve these people is a daily testimony to Maddi and me of the power of the Gospel lived out. They bring to mind the verse from Micah 6:8: “Act justly, love mercy, walk humbly with your God.”
        In addition to our desire to serve the Muslim students here, we also feel a deep commitment to serve these missionaries. They have treated us like family and welcomed us into their lives, and we want to do whatever we can to ease their burdens.
       At one of the two centers where we are working, Maddi noticed that their supply closet needed a little organizational help. On Friday afternoon, before our planned event that night, Maddi, Leigh, Lisa, the WGM team and I went out to the center a few hours early to take care of this for them.
       Unfortunately we didn’t get a before picture, but here are a few of us in the process of organizing. The task would have seemed impossibly daunting for one person, but with seven of us, worship music, and fresh espresso, the time seemed to fly.
       We organized, cleaned, and put the room back together. When we finished, we brought one of the missionaries in to show her the change. With tears in her eyes, she thanked us profusely and said, “You know, guys, it is one thing for you to serve our people, and we love watching you do that. But it is another thing entirely for you to serve us. Thank you.” What a blessing, to be able to really serve these servants, to take care of them when that is rarely, if ever, their main focus.
After the organizational frenzy, we had an hour or so to spend with the kids. We sang a few songs, and our new and dear friend, one of the missionaries here, shared her testimony.  We also made an impromptu craft, taught expertly by one of the kids. These kids may not quite understand Issa’s love yet, but they know the love of the people who serve them. They return that love with abandon, and it is a remarkable thing to watch.
       At then end of our time with them, the missionary we have already mentioned asked if the kids wanted to sing a song for us. Several of the girls responded enthusiastically and stepped up to the front to perform. Their song of choice was “I’ve got the Joy,” sung in Spanish, English, and Arabic. Listening to these precious young women sing about the joy, peace, and love that Jesus brings to our hearts brought quick tears to my eyes. I prayed as I watched their excited, dear faces, smiling and singing with all their hearts.
       Jesus, reveal yourself to these cherished little ones in the words of these simple songs that they may not yet fully understand. We praise you for the obedience of the servants here as they gently guide and love these children to You.


  1. wow. crying. what an incredibly, beautiful post Anna!

  2. Praying for you Anna!! Eph. 3:10 is alive in you. Keep it up.

  3. Anna and Maddi...thank you for your servant hearts...thank you for serving Him with abandon and being open to serve Him however you are needed-and enjoying it so much! We love you!!