Thursday, June 16, 2011

Barcelona, Day Two: Second Easter...Pentecost

One of the first things that we discovered on arrival in Spain is that they love their holidays. Before we had even started
work, we had a holiday. Monday, June 13th is “second Easter” or Pentecost in Spain…and everywhere, but here it means a national holiday.

We are in Barcelona for five weeks…meaning, we don’t have time to laze around! We have a city to see. Sunday after church one of our sweet friends and a member of the team here invited us to go on a hike to one of the many castles or “palaus” in Barcelona.

Welcome to the Palau Nacional! This was the starting point of our hike. The palace that you see in the background is now a museum of Catalonian art.  
From there we made our way up the hill towards our final destination: Castell de Montjuic. As we walked, we got to know these new friends much better as we practiced our broken Spanish, shared stories from the States, and laughed constantly with our hysterical Lebanese “guide” who always chose the scenic route.
This scenic route included a detour to see the Olympic Stadium(!!) from the 1992 Barcelona Olympics. 
From the Stadium, we passed through incredible gardens that, we were told, were greener and in better bloom than our friends had ever seen them. 
Here is a shot of the crew…Pretty attractive group, if we do say so ourselves:)
We made it! It literally took us a few hours, but oh my word the fun we had in the journey. And the destination was well worth the wait. 
 As with most of the sites we have visited so far, there is a beautiful view of the city! This one is of the port.
 Just a quick note, please enjoy the panoramic views and Kodak moments…but stand on the walls at your own risk!
 We walked around the castle and stopped for a quick lunch in the shade…Once again, a group shot. We loved getting to know these new friends. They have such amazing stories and hearts for their various ministries and callings.
On the way down, we started to question, but still thoroughly enjoy, our Lebanese tour guide’s wanderings. He knew EXACTLY where he was going, whether we/the map thought so or not. Nick, this is you in about 40 years. For many reasons, but mostly because he is obsessed with chocolate chip cookies. You guys would be best friends. We miss you.
 In the process of the wanderings, we managed to pass a different section of the Olympic plaza and took a quick, and much needed, rest on the lawn. We knew we could be bff’s with our new team members when they plopped right down on the grass with us.
This monument to the Olympic games can be seen from all over the city…and it was just as incredible up close. 
Before we left the plaza we had to get a picture of our girls. We love them already! Las Chicas!
 Making it down the mountain…slowly.
 The end is in sight! We are back to the Palau Nacional! And after that hike, fun as it was, seeing this building was like coming home.


  1. This was an awesome blog! Wish we were there but so happy you both love Spain!

  2. haha love the pictures and the comments. I hope you guys are doing great!

  3. Hilarious post! Praying mr. tour guide gives you many more fabulous tours. Love seeing your precious faces and so glad you are having so much fun!

  4. My heart starting beating a little faster when I saw y'all up on that wall. Don't do that. Because, I'm pretty sure there was something coming out of that guy on the sign as he was falling.

  5. Caroline!! Maddi and I seriously just laughed. so. hard. And we promise we won't stand on any more walls:) Love you!!