Friday, June 24, 2011

A Day in Heaven: Montserrat

Our ministry takes the day off every Monday, and we are planning to make the most of these awesome days!  --Praise the Lord for Spanish siestas!!-- 

This past Monday, we were talked into going to see Montserrat, although it didn't take too much for us to be persuaded. Let's be honest: a 600-year-old monastery on the top of a mountain? Yes, please. 

Our day started off in true European style. We stopped by our local panaderia to pick up a freshly baked baguette for our picnic....and maybe a xocolata croissant. 

Then on to the train station. Ipods, we've learned, are a must have while traveling through this city.  
(No, Maddi's arm is not deformed or double jointed. Just a funny angle)
Our Destinacion
Our transportation

The monastery was incredible. It held so much history and beauty inside. 

We also took a funicular to the very top of the mountain, where we had our picnic and hiked to several different ancient hermitages hidden in the mountains.
Anna soaking it all in. We were simply speechless.
 Our DELICIOUS picnic lunch: fresh baguette, homemade pesto, swiss cheese, baby peaches, and oranges.
Pretty perfect place for a picnic, eh?
The monastery was beautiful, but clearly a well-visited tourist attraction. These tiny hermitages on the other hand seemed suspended in the clouds, miles away from the busy world below.
We were literally walking in the clouds
We had a sweet time of worship together at the very top of the mountain. What an incredible place to praise our savior as we sat in awe of His creation.
We cannot fully describe in words the awesome beauty of this place, and the incredible joy it gave us just to explore the mountains for a few hours.
Our ride down the mountain back to the monastery
By far the coolest place we have eaten Gelato so far. Takes the cake...or gelato if you will
We hope these pictures can do this awe-inspiring, ancient place of worship justice where our words fail. Everything about this summer seems to be a gift from our Lord. We feel His presence everywhere, in the difficult places and in the places, like Montserrat, that seem to give us a little glimpse of heaven.


  1. WOW! So beautiful...and what an amazing place to enjoy and to worship the Creator! Love you girls!!

  2. I've never heard of this place, but it is awesome. I wish I would have visited there...

  3. getting more and more jealous with each blog. I am so glad that you are taking in as much of the culture as possible.

  4. How wonderful. I am so happy for you guys, and can't wait to hear about the many ways you've seen the face of God in this experience!

  5. I just had to close my mouth (it's been gaping open for the past 10 minutes). Is this real life? What a stunning portrayal of God's beauty and creation.