Monday, June 13, 2011

Who Needs Business Class?

The much-anticipated day finally came on Saturday June 10th!
Bags all packed….
(Yes, we managed to fit all of our luggage for 7 weeks into two carry ons…believe it.)
Michael Mozley was so nice to see us off at the Atlanta airport, and was great at keeping Anna’s panic of being late in check. Thank goodness for his Jason Bourne driving skills.
 Of course, in classic Anna and Maddi fashion, our last American meal was a delicious Fro Yo dinner.
 Sorry Orange Leaf, we didn't mean to be traitors, but you're not in the ATL airport...yet.
First time flying Luftansa Air…. We were not mad about it.  The 9-hour flight felt more like 4 hours. When it landed, we didn’t really want to get off.
 “shut up, shut up”!
 Great movie choices
 Most of our time on the flight was spent attempting to keep our movies in perfect sync with each other. 
Don’t make fun of us, Jacob…. Kate, you understand.
Layover in Frankfurt, Germany. Despite the strangeness and creepiness of the airport, we still had an enjoyable time. We caught up on the news, ate a $17.00 lunch (welcome to Europe), attempted a cross-word puzzle (where are you when we need you, Marie?), and made friends with an awesome couple traveling to 17 different countries with their 7-month-old baby (man, we have it so easy).
Apparently Germans consider any form of exiting stressful and hurried
Next stop, our summer home, Barcelona, Spain. We feel like two of the most blessed girls in the world!


  1. My question is, which crossword puzzle was it, and also, why in the wide world of sports would you go to 17 different countries with a baby.

    Keep this up! I love the pictures. Also you two.

  2. I laughed multiple times out loud as I read this. I love you both and hope you are doing wonderfully and loving the people over there!!!

  3. you guys are great! love the blog ;) and all the funny comments on the pictures.

    Also, eww Frankfurt. I do not like that airport...

  4. Love this so much. Please keep it coming!

  5. Love your Vera travel wallet. So chic.

  6. Yes!! I too laughed out loud...and wondered about the baby and 17 you girls and love this blog!!