Sunday, June 19, 2011

Barcelona, Day Seven: City of Many Colors

Picture perfectly sunny and 65-70 degrees. Top that with a delightful breeze and there you have it: Our seventh beautiful day in Barcelona. 

      The first week here has been far better than either Anna or I could have hoped for.  On our way back from our Arabic church tonight, we were talking about how apparent it is that the Lord knows us so much better than we know ourselves. 
Only He could have known how much we would love this place. Only He could have known how we would fit here in every respect.  Already, we feel an undeniable attachment to this city, this ministry, and its unique, beautiful people.  
     Our busyness, combined with the magnitude of our experiences so far, has made it difficult to summarize our time here the way we wish we could. But know you all are included in this with us, because we think of you ALL THE TIME.  Everything we see reminds us of someone we love. So know that you are with us every day :) 
      The great thing about this city, or just Europe, or just traveling in general, is that the thing we have the most fun doing is free! Walking. Anna and I walk everywhere, and even amidst the very sore feet, we have declared it our favorite part of daily life here. If you know me, you know my love for taking pictures. So here are a few shots of the ciudad de muchas colores!
Bill Ury and Michael Mozley, we especially miss you today. It is mostly because of you two that Anna and I both have a love for other cultures and new experiences.  Thank you for teaching us the importance of this in life. We thank Jesus for your constant love and support and prayers.  Miss you and love you! Happy Fathers Day!!


  1. Those pics are awesome! It looks beautiful there! So glad you're enjoying yourselves!

  2. BeeeeUtiful pictures Maddi! The food looks delicious too!

  3. So perfectly lovely. Wishing I was there with you every minute! Could you skype tonight!?

  4. Wow, beautiful city to match you beautiful hearts. Praying this Lord's day was restful and restorative. Miss you my mad. Thank you for your sweet fathers day note.