Friday, June 17, 2011

Barcelona Day Three: He is Real. Everywhere.

Today, our hearts are more full than ever.  After two very full days of exploring our beautiful city, we have jumped full-fledged into the ministry portion of our trip. We are now eating a late dinner in our 4th-floor apartment, unable to stop smiling as the many special moments of this day keep playing back in our minds.  
we have discovered our favorite snack-dinner... french baguette, goat cheese, tomato, and spinach. Just fry it up and yum yum! 
Around 11:00 this morning, we met at the Arabic church with our team for a staff meeting.  We are so blessed to be a part of this courageous group of Lebanese, Egyptian, Spanish, Venezuelan and American missionaries. We were greeted with fresh coffee, tea, baked bread, fruit and many kisses.  After discussing our schedule of events for the week, we broke into small groups to pray over each individual event. It was a precious time to join in worship and get to hear the hearts of some of our fellow leaders and co-workers.  We have already been challenged and encouraged by these strong believers who have given their lives so selflessly for the advancement of His Kingdom in Barcelona. 

Our mouths watered as if on cue, as the large Middle Eastern lunch was placed before us.  Chicken, Egyptian rice, hummus, pita, and salad provided our Sahara fix for the day.  Elated, we ate way too much, and engaged in a time of fellowship with our new friends. 

After lunch, we accompanied a member of our team to a coastal region where another branch of the program we are working with is located. Three times a week, a small group of Muslim women gather there for support, and English/Spanish lessons.  Our friend who directs these sessions is one of the most amazing women we have ever met: a Muslim convert, who has an acute desire to see other Muslim women turn to Jesus and find true freedom.  The women who attend these sessions have migrated from several different Muslim nations, namely Morocco.  For two hours we sat with them in the warm, dark, crowded meeting room as a couple of team members from Indiana shared their testimonies.  For the first time, we saw the beautiful, veiled faces of the women who we have been praying about for months.  At that moment, we looked at each other with an expression that could only relate one phrase, “This. This is why we are here.”

Although battling fatigue and minor sickness, nothing can compete with the joy we feel this evening as we continue to see His reason for putting us here in this place.

We praise Him for His goodness. He is so faithful, forever and always,

Dios te bendiga! 


  1. you girls and love how the Father has placed you just where He wanted you this summer!

  2. Oh ladies, that gave me chills. I am so grateful for how Jesus knows our hearts, and puts us in the best possible places to live out His love. Love!

  3. Thanks sweet friend. Love you.