Thursday, July 7, 2011

Barcelona, Day Twenty-Eight: Was That a Fat Joke?

      We have officially been in Barcelona for four whole weeks!! It feels a little more like two days, but in this time, we have done so much, learned so much, seen so much, and of course(since we are in Europe), have eaten SO MUCH amazing food. We feel the need to go ahead and post the "food blog" that we have been planning for a while.  Through strategic shopping and exploring, we have managed to stay right within our budget while trying a ton of new, extravagant things. It has been so fun. 
        Along with many other similarities, we discovered early on in our trip that we both agree there are several food rules that one must stick to when traveling in a foreign country. 
Rule #1: Absolutely NO CHAIN restaurants.
Rule #2: Packed-Picnics always trump eating out. 
Rule #3: Never order the same thing, Rather,  always get two different things and split them. 
Rule #4: If you have a kitchen, then cook! 
Rule #5: Olive oil makes everything better.
Rule #6: Every good meal ends with gelato. 
Enjoy the pictures! And don't laugh at us. We love food. 
Everything in Europe is cute, and perfect, and....small.
Lunch in our apartment. Egg and goat cheese on a baguette 
Also, goat cheese, spinach, and tomato sandwich. Really, we just love anything with goat cheese.
 Needless to say....goat cheese. A staple. 
Our favorite OJ 
 This is from the time we went grocery shopping, but forgot we had to walk 10 blocks back to our apartment. Whoops. Anna had to get creative when all of our bags started tearing. 
Our very full shelf in our apartment. 
We are also allotted one very spacious shelf in our fridge. 
One of our home cooked dinners. Tortellini with sauteed veggies. (And goat cheese.) 

This is our favorite meal we have made here so far. It probably costs us a total of 2.00 euros for the whole meal. Rice, garbanzo bean combo, and fresh salad. Oh, and a stale croissant transformed into croutons. Not a big deal.
Pizza picnic dinner on the beach one night.  Now that you have already judged us for the two boxes of pizza, you should know there was a third person involved...we promise.
 Anna has been so awesome to join Maddi in her vegetarian meals:)
Fruit stand. One of our daily stops.
This place might or might not have been on the top of an old bull fighting ring.
We have a perfect little Panaderia just one block from our apartment. We are friends with the baker, and go there to get warm baguettes for just .50 cents.
We also have a cute little cafe just a short walk from our apartment. The girls who work there are precious. They call us guapas, and love when we come in for our morning coffee. This cafe has the most delicious expresso we have found so far, and it is called "Anna", so naturally it is "our place".

We have gotten pretty good at ordering Dos Cafes Con Leche!
 We can't really tell you how much we love gelato. Let's just say, its a good thing we walk everywhere.
Yum. Chocolate. Another staple. 
 Clevy, Ev, and Phil. This one is for you! Miss you guys.
 Out of all the food we have tried, Middle Eastern cuisine is still at first place in our hearts when it comes to love for food. We went to a Lebanese restaurant with our team the other night, and thoroughly enjoyed our Fatteh, Gebne, and felafels! 
 This picture is funny. Period. We don't know why. It just is. Go back, look at it again. It's just funny. 


  1. Ok...that's it. I have to come over right now and enjoy all that amazing food with you all. I love how creative you are being with all your cooking at home. I love the heart in the coffee...and I love that they call you two the guapas...which you are...on the inside and the out!! :) Love you!!

  2. Lovely post! The food looks amazing. I just found your blog and look forward to reading the older entries. Love, Aunt Hope

  3. Have you guys tried principe cookies??? They were my FAVORITE! They're kind of like the keebler cookies with chocolate filling. So good! They're in one of the cookie tube packages :)
    Love you girls!

  4. I am loving your new found obsession for goat cheese. I may eat it This post was amazing. I am drooling.

    Praying for you both as your time in Spain comes to a close!

  5. I thought the picture of Anna the Bag Lady was going to be my favorite of the post...and then I got to that last one...Hilarious! For me, it's partly the fact that at the end of your blog post devoted entirely to food, there's a picture of you looking like you take food very seriously. Perfection. Love!